Rainer Barbi
It was over 30 years ago that Rainer Barbi decided to quit his law studies and become a pipemaker instead. In the meantime he has risen to the top five of international pipe performers. With his breathtaking talks and elaborate publications he has shed light on the darkness of pipe production and thus conveyed to many a smoker interesting knowledge about the subject of pipes.

"We all have the same spirit in us, wrestling with Nature in the pursuit of harmony in design and perfection in technique. Thus we fight for this alone: our identification, and the attempt to breathe our spirit into the material." Rainer Barbi is not cagey about his philosophy. After all, his willingness to help in matters of pipemaking is well known throughout the community, so that many a young pipemaker, at home and abroad, was able to acquire or perfect their skills with Rainer Barbi's support.

In spite of the wide range of shapes available, a pipe by Barbi is unmistakeably a Barbi, emanating an elegance of its own. In the 1980s, he introduced the following grading, in ascending order: CC, CB, CA, BC, BB, BA, AC, AB, AA, C, B, A, A0, A1, A2, etc. The date of production is indicated as follows: codes from Z to M, in descending order, designate the month of production. Z stands for January, M for December: Z, Y, X, W, V, U, T, S, R, P, N, M. The years are stamped in ascending order from A (1997), B (1998), etc. Starting at approx. EUR 400 (as of 2006).



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