On the Way to Chicago
Like in earlier years, German pipes will be presented by their makers at this year's show in Chicago. For some makers, this will be a completely new experience, but they are sure to be supported by US-experienced colleagues. Read here about their hopes and experience.

Frank Axmacher
Chicago 2007! Goose bumps, wet armpits and a pain in the stomach.

WA: You aren't really nervous because of the oncoming show, are you?
FA: Well, even when my daughter was born I was somehow more relaxed. And yet I'll be flying there.

WA: What are your motivations? What are you hoping for?
FA: By now I can work fast enough and deliver high enough a quality to feel that I'm able to supply a small number of dealers with pipes on a regular basis. And, after all, Chicago is the stage on which you get in touch with dealers, particularly with regards to foreign markets.

WA: So your main motivation is contacting potential dealers for your pipes?
FA: No, after all Chicago is primarily a meeting of collectors. It certainly doesn't do any harm to be seen in such a place. I'm sure it's easier for people to buy a pipe from someone they've talked to and had a coffee with before, than from someone they don't know at all.

WA: And it's about time that the German pipemaking craft gets more publicity abroad, isn't it?
FA: After Cornelius showed up in the firmament a few years ago, a lot seems to be happening in the scene of German newcomers. If you look around a bit you'll again and again see someone pop up like out of nowhere and lay a
couple of great pipes onto the table. Supported by established and experienced frontmen, such as Rainer Barbi and Achim Frank, we are seeing the continuous growth of a pretty good potential. This needs to be presented, and where else can you do that, if not on a stage such as Chicago provides?

WA: You'll certainly be able to gather many new impressions and meet interesting people.
FA: There's probably no other location to see so much exquisiteness in one place. This is true for the pipes themselves, naturally, but also for all the pipemakers that are present there, and the other icons of the scene. There may be a couple of further, secondary reasons, but this is essentially what I hope Chicago to be like for me. And this is what - despite all the
nervousness - I look forward to like mad.



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